Friday, October 07, 2011


First of all, the lady with Mom is Mrs. Gomer, not Mrs. Robinson.  And her husband was a pilot.  Mrs. Robinson's husband was a pilot, as well, not a chaplain.

I remember a lot of the time in Japan - I have many memories of my childhood.  It was a great time for a child to be there.  I look at pictures, now, and see how dirty the place was - dirt roads and dirt streets - but never saw that back then.

Our maids were Japanese girls who were hired (and cleared) by the military before being allowed to work for the families.  The greatest fear at that time was that someone was communist.  The girls were trusted with the care of the children while the mothers did other things, like play bridge or travel.

Because they were young women, they were not technically "Momma-sans" --- and the correct spelling, Fran, IS Momma-san.  Any American word that was made to sound Japanese had "san" added to it.  Poppa-san, baby-san, Connie-san, etc.

It was a great time, as I said.  And now I am trapped into talking about that time at the Sons of Norway meeting this month.  One of the gals that does the scheduling of entertainment started talking to me about Japan and talked me into giving this talk (jeeesh!) ... so that's why I have the Japanese pictures. 

And here is one for you to enjoy - Me, under an umbrella (it rained a lot) with Candy hiding behind me.

It's a very windy day, but beautiful, non-the-less.  You have a beautiful day.

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