Friday, September 02, 2011

Twelve days of total fun!

As I said before, Joy and Ken came down two weeks ago to bring the girls.  J&K stayed a couple of days - Ken helped Norm work on the siding on the upper level of the house.  Then they went home, leaving Bitty and Bubba here to play with me.

On Monday morning, we went up to the Cities after nine days here and I stayed up there through Joy's birthday.  Normally Norm and I go up and we stay only a few days - but since he had to work, I was able to stay longer.  Peanut stayed home with Norm - I think Norm wanted her there for company.

I just got home yesterday and now I have pictures to share.  The first is of Joy taken around Christmas time which would have made her nearly four months old.  The backdrop wall-hanging is one that sister-in-law-in-law, Mavis, embroidered for Joy.  The picture is in black&white because I was experimenting with that medium; an uncle had a darkroom that he taught me to use.  
This next picture was taken on Joy's birthday this year - Ken and the girls got her a lighted number sign to go on their signpost.

Then Bitty was showing me some of her tricks on the trampoline.

And collapsed and "died" when she was done.

I could only get Bubba to jump once and I missed the flip ... so here she is, with her beautiful long hair flipping in the air.

I spent some time with my youngest, Jill.  She and Eric have a new puppy, Hank, so I got introduced to him and spent time talking and cuddling Remy - Hank didn't want to cuddle, he wanted to chew fingers and toes.

Jill got me hooked on a now-defunct TV show -"FireFly" -- so I have to order it on Netflix and watch the whole first (and only) season.

It was hard to leave yesterday morning - even twelve days wasn't quite enough - we were still doing things.  I was starting to get Bubba ready to dress her loom and ran out of time (sigh).  She and Bitty will have to do it with phone calls to me for help if they need it.

Speaking of looms, I stopped at Jody's and helped her put the rug loom together.  I had given it to her this spring and she finally had room to put it up.  It was a struggle - remind me next time to label EVERYTHING, not just the main supports!  But it's up and she can thread it (warp is already on the warp beam) and get started weaving.

It's a beautiful day today - good to be home even though I miss my family.  You have a beautiful day.


One day at a time said...

Hi Connie sounds like you have had a lovely time x

Magickafoot said...

Lol, Joy takes after her Mum with her love of practical gifts!

lovely pics


Jan said...

Wow...there is never enough time is there!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You should have stayed longer! I bet Norm missed you:)