Sunday, September 25, 2011

Packing up again

Time to repack ... it's Big Island week and we are getting more things ready than for Pepin.  Now, in Pepin, it's only two nights and someone else cooks.  At Big Island, it's 5 nights and I do all the cooking.  

Breakfast - for school days, it's bacon, toast and cold cereal.  For Saturday and Sunday, it's more (I think biscuits and gravy for Saturday), not sure what for Sunday.

Lunch - lunchmeat, bread, left overs from supper.

Supper - soups, hamburgers, maybe steaks ... with bread, potatoes, something.

So the menu has to be perfected.  Boxes are filled with coffee, tea, sugar, flour, bread, salt, pepper, etc.  The ice box will have eggs, meat, milk, etc.  

The cast iron pots are picked and packed.  The tables (total of 5 for all uses) are packed.  Chairs, tent, stove, brazier, wood, kindling, charcoal.  Coffee pot, water pot (for constant hot water), water pails.  Gallon bottles saved from fruit juices full of drinking water (Big Island's water is not very good).  Rugs, shave horse, looms, spinning wheel.  What else?  Bedding - lots of it as it tends to get pretty cold at night.  Peanut's crate and her food.

The list is two pages long and we are checking off everything as we go.  It takes about 5 days to get packed in a n organized way and not forget anything.  

Yes, we are close to a store, but to get to the store we need to ride in a camp-organized bus to and from, as the van is parked about 5 miles away.  And then the groceries need to be hauled from the bus to the campsite, and we are in a far corner, so it's about half a mile - and not fun to carry a lot of groceries that far.  Therefore we try to have as much as possible as to not have to make store runs.

Once we are there, once the campsite is up, we will enjoy ourselves immensely; two days of school tours and two days of public days, all in period clothing, doing everything (as much as possible) with period tools and equipment. 

We will be leaving on Wednesday morning in order to get unpacked and enjoy an afternoon and evening relaxing.  We will be tearing down on Monday morning in order to avoid the rush and bustle of nearly everyone else trying to get home Sunday night.  

Big Island is held on a peninsula with only one road in and out.  So Sunday night the road is packed with cars trying to get in while others are trying to get out.  We have done the Sunday night rush and it takes about 4 hours for just getting in and getting out.  So we sit by the fire and visit with others that wait until Monday and enjoy watching the rush.

I will probably be busy and not able to get on-line much from now until we leave.  And will not be able to get back on-line until Monday night at the earliest.

It sounds like it will be a nice mild week ahead.  And we will have beautiful days.  You have some beautiful days until I return.


Laura said...

Sounds wonderful!
I have some reading to catch up on. I'd have loved to go to Laura days in Pepin (the closest Laura site to me at about 12 hours)...maybe someday.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Have fun sounds like a wonderful festival. It is really, really good for the school kids:)

Nezzy said...

Sounds like a fun time for all 'cept maybe the cook! Heeehehe!

Have a great time and I look forward to hearin' all about it.

Take lot's of pictures..."K"?

God bless and have a safe trip! :o)

Kathleen Taylor said...

Have a wonderful time! Can't wait to see pics!