Thursday, September 08, 2011

Jeanie's Packing Up!

Oh, sorry .... a song from Brigadoon is running through my head ....

"Connie's packing up!"  It's time for Pepin - Laura Ingalls Wilder Days - again.  Norm has gotten the trailer loaded and we will load the van tonight.

Let's see ..... headboard - footboard, bed rails, bed slats - check!  Tent, poles, ropes, pegs, peg puller - check!  Stoves?  No, not for Pepin - we don't cook and it rarely gets cold enough for extra heat.  Commode - check!  Bathroom box re-loaded and ready - check.  Lanterns and candles - check! Norm's shave horse - check!  Extra wood folding chairs - check!  Tables - check!  Most everything is in the trailer.

Now for the van ... a long list - rocking chair, spinning wheel, loom; bedding (mattress, sheets, blankets, pillows); clothes; wool for spinning, yarn for weaving, knitting for the trip and for break times.  Norm's spoons and spatulas in their bags.  Norm's leather "possible bags." Peanut's bag with food, leashes, bedding.  Cooler to be loaded tomorrow morning with snacks, pop and water.  Two bags of apples from the broken tree (they still ripened, thank goodness) to add to the food supply for the weekend's cooking.  Large cooking pot for Molly.

Yes, I think we have everything.  The barn is prepared for us being gone - Candy will check on the animals one day while we are gone.  

We will leave tomorrow morning, as it takes nearly five hours to get from here to Pepin, Wisconsin.  We head up to Mankato, then over to Wabasha. over the Mississippi and up to Pepin.

This is our annual "family" reunion - our best friends, who we see only once a year, for the most part.  We will camp in the history area, period correct all the way  I'm excited to see them once again.

I will take pictures and post them when we get back.  If things go as planned, we will tear down on Sunday, have a pizza "party" with everyone before we leave, sitting on the picnic benches, then head home and get home around midnight or so.  If the clouds stay away, we will probably travel with a full moon - an awesome way to travel.

It sounds to be a beautiful weekend and it is now a beautiful day - you have a beautiful day.


One day at a time said...

Hi Connie wish i was coming with you this weekend! My friend and i would watch "Little House" every saturday morning when we were kids.
There was always a lesson to be taught in each episode.
Have a lovely weekend x

Magickafoot said...

Brigadoon...mmm...nice thoughts

Have a great time , lovely Connie!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope you have a great weekend..the weather has been awesome for September! I am looking forward to your photos! :)