Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another wonderful year at Pepin

Okay, we got to Pepin about 3:00 on Friday afternoon with lots of sunshine.  We set up the tent and bed and all the good stuff, stopping to go hug and talk to people as they came in - we are usually one of the first ones in, as we travel about 5 hours to get there and want to rest after setting up.  At about 7:00 we went to Kitty and Tom's for a chili supper and more visiting.

Rise and shine was about 7:00 in the morning - the sun was up and I could hear quiet talking in a neighboring tent.  Norm went to the kitchen tent to get coffee as I got dressed and walked Peanut around.  When breakfast was ready I went over and grabbed some but headed right back to the tent, as there were guests already starting to wander around.

My neighbor's young boy, Nathan, is my "apprentice" - he loves weaving and always comes over as I allow him to work on the demo loom.

The family brought goats again and did milking demonstrations.

Kevin was making a bowl but the wood was so hard that he started to burn the hole in and scraped out the ashes.  He hopes to be able to carve eventually on the inside.

Sherri spins, sells dolls and sunbonnets.  She also brings bunnies for sale - you can see the little girls playing with the bunnies in the basket.

This man comes every year - he plays the harmonica and has a "pet" panda who plays, as well.  He always plays "There's an old spinning wheel in the parlor" for me as well as "The old rocking chair."

Waking up in the early morning, it's like being in Brigadoon --- it's so foggy that you don't see anything modern.

Gary (from "the family") is making bunk beds.  I asked if his children were 300 pound midgets and he said - no, just rambunctious.  

My newest friend, Saga, makes brooms.  We met last year and just clicked - it's like we've known each other for years and years and years.  Possibly in a past life?

On the way home, I had Norm stop to get a picture of the beautiful river.  This is the "Lake Pepin" area - even though it's the Mississippi, the area is so large that it's called a lake.

It was a beautiful weekend - it is a beautiful day; you have a beautiful day.


Jan said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Good for you!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Connie, Thanks for sharing..wonderful photos..I always enjoy seeing all the different artisans and their work:)

Candy Duell said...

Connie, your pictures are wonderful, and tell the story well :) It looks like you had a grand time. Enjoy!

Magickafoot said...

The panda is supercute!

Gail V said...

Hi Connie,
Emily and I loved your photos and stories. I took her to this festival at Pepin when she was around 6-- it was the best time. My farm cousins were in the Pepin parade that day, on a fire truck. I have a broom just like the one Saga is making. I wonder if she learned the craft where my co-worker Dave did, out East.

One day at a time said...

Hi Connie what a lovely time you had, loved the foggy photo! looking at your photos you can really let your mind wander back in time x