Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wistful Wednesday

Today's picture is of my grandmother, Nana, and the three Childs great-granddaughters.  These are, from your left, Joy, Jill and Brook.  Brook was born on Nana's birthday, which made her a favorite.  I believe this is, I believe, Nana's 95th birthday.  We started celebrating every 5th year with a special celebration when she hit 90, then every year, I think, from 95 to 100.

Nana lived to be 101, dying just a few days before her actual birthdate.  

I used to tease her, when I was young, that I was her favorite grandchild.  She said - at that time - that she couldn't afford to have favorites.  With 8 children, numerous grandchildren and uncounted amounts of great-grandchildren running around, even at my young age, if she had a favorite, the others would be upset.

However, when Brook was born, Nana HAD her favorite and no one objected.  Not that she treated her differently, monetarily, but she just had a little bit more twinkle in her eye when Brook was around.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Grandmas should not have favorites..however it is really hard. I was there for the birth of two of my Grands and somehow that made them both pretty special:)

One day at a time said...

Hi my name is jackie, i am new to blogging.
Grandmothers what important people they are,i think its all about timing in their lives.My nan was like my mother to me (my birth mother left me when i was a baby)nan raised me.I know how important we were to each other, but never the less she treat all her family the same.My grandaughter Eva was born to us a couple of months after nan passed away,so for this reason Eva will always be special to me,do i love her more than her brother louie? No, its the timing when she came into my life.I love how all nanies hold hankies in their hands! X

Magickafoot said...

So sad she didn't get to 101 , but on the other side , what a wonderful long life. Sharing birthdays is such a special thing.