Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wistful Wednesday

Well, sort of - this is a moment in MY past.

I was cleaning out my corner cupboard (reasons will be explained, later) and re-discovered this:

And, opening it, re-discovered this:

Now, of course I know what it IS!  It's an Eastern Star pin!  

But the question was: who gave it to me?

My Mom, Dad, Norm and I are (or were, in our case) members of Eastern Star.  But I knew that Mom hadn't given it to me.  As you can tell, the lining is rather stained - and the pin itself is very old.

I asked Mom if she knew - and she couldn't remember.  

But then I remembered that my Uncle Goosey (Gus) was a Mason and he started Dad in the Masons.  Therefore, Auntie Pete (Mildred) must have been an Eastern Star.

Then I started thinking back in my foggy little memory - and remembered that Auntie Pete gave the star to me years ago.  And, if I remember right, it was an heirloom from a relative .. and if I remember RIGHTLY, I think it was my Great-Aunt Clara  or her daughter (my second cousin) Esther.  Mom, am I remembering right?  Were either of them Eastern Stars?

Anyway, I wouldn't wear it because I am not longer a member but I will treasure it and write down the history as I remember it so that my children and grandchildren will know where the star came from.  I have dusted it off and will put it back into the re-organized corner cupboard for enjoying.

And that is something that I hope to do with all my treasures - let the ones that follow me know the history of what I have so that it will continue to be treasured.

It is a beautiful day today - the humidity is down drastically and the actual temperature is how it feels.  Such a relief after all our heat in the recent past.  You have a beautiful day.


Laura said...

What a wonderful treasure and a great idea to write down its history.
We are enjoying cooler temps here (in the 70's) and rain off and on. Very pleasant!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I began writing notes and putting them inside some of my treasures..perhaps someday someone will find them.

Your pin is beautiful and has history:)