Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Threshing Bee

Norm and I did not go to the Threshing Bee in South Dakota this year - and missed seeing my cousins, Ruth and Jerry.  But Candy and I did our (now) yearly stint in Butterfield, about forty-five minutes away from us.

We do not demonstrate in costume (Candy’s request) but we have two tables that carry samples of a lot of the stuff that we do, books and tools.  I spin and weave, as well as knit a little bit; Candy normally does her rug hooking.  How many of you can brag that you have a hooker for a sister?

We went in separate cars - Wayne and Norm joined us for the day and helped us set up.  Wayne yelled at me (well, fussed and picked on me) because I had forgotten the extra chairs that I like to have.  I like having a chair next to the wheel / loom for guests to sit down and really talk.  I remembered the next day, for sure!

The boys then went wandering around, looking at tractors and looking for food.  Candy and I got to work, demonstrating and talking to people, mostly women, about the crafts that we do, the crafts they do and would they like to learn more?

Since it was our anniversary, Norm took me out to lunch - a Polish “hot dog.”  I was going to get something else but the food options are not very good there  - there are three places that offer meals but the lines are always very long and the wait is long, as well.  The only other choice is popcorn or ice cream or the Polish.

Joy and family were coming down and they stopped at the Bee as well, to look around and have lunch.  The girls didn’t do much walking around.  Bubba had brought her spindle and sat (we had found a bench by then) or stood, spinning.  Bitty grabbed my wheel and spun, as well.

Everyone headed home after the parade, then I took Candy home and headed home where pizza, pina coladas and cheesecake awaited me!

Next morning I collected Candy, taking some chairs along, and headed back to Butterfield.  We demonstrated, talked, walked, drank water, demonstrated and talked.  We both had sore throats after we were done!  At four, we tore down and put everything in my van and I took Candy home (well, she took ME to HER house, as she usually drives when we are together); we unloaded her stuff and I drove home to find everyone either on the roof or around that area - Norm and Ken were re-siding the east end of the upper part of the house.

Bitty and I made supper (leftovers) while Bubba and Joy helped outside. Another pina colada helped me sleep overnight!

Joy and Ken stayed overnight then headed home Monday morning.  Bitty and Bubba are staying until next week when I take them back up to the Cities.

Plans are simple - freeze, can, make soap, do crafts, watch a few movies.  The girls are trying to tame down the three wild kittens in the barn; they also are doing chores, hanging out clothes and doing most of the outside stuff that I should be doing.

However, the sweat bees are out and I need to avoid them so I stay inside as much as possible during this time of the year.  It’s great that the girls can do a lot of my chores right now!

So, now, here are some pictures of some of the demonstrations that we had in the craft building at the Threshing Bee.  I don’t have pictures of the girls, yet, but will get some this week.

It’s been beautiful this past week, it’s a beautiful day today - you have a beautiful day!

We had a cyclist from Anchorage, Alaska, ask to spin as she was getting withdrawals

Candy is getting closer to finishing her Scottish Thistle pillow top

 This gal paints gourds, plates, anything!

This is a "cannonball" gourd - and Wayne purchased it for Candy (I'm jealous!)

 There is a group that does candles - children can make their own candles - it's very popular!

Caning a chair

Beautiful work!

 A group of spinners - the young gal is using her antique wheel

 She spins extremely fine yarn


Kathleen Taylor said...

What a lovely day. Thanks for sharing!

Magickafoot said...

I love Candy's pillow top!