Friday, August 26, 2011

Granddaughter heaven!

Bitty and Bubba have been here since Saturday and will be here until Monday — a total of nine days.  They are so grown up - Bitty is fifteen and Bubba will be thirteen in about a month.  They have been a great help around here as well as a pleasure to have.

They have washed dishes, set the table, cleaned the table off, washed dishes.  With two extra in the house, we do use a lot more dishes and pots and pans.

They have also done chores for me in the morning, then Norm’s chores at night.  Also they have helped water the little bit of garden we have and my potted herbs.  When we washed clothes on Monday, they hung the clothes up and brought them in.

I am limited to the amount of time I am outside at this time of year.  The sweat bees that “everyone” says are harmless are the ones that have caused me grief (and trips to emergency rooms) in the recent past; I stay inside to avoid any chance of getting stung.  Having the girls here has helped immensely with that problem.

Let’s see what we’ve done - salsa sauce one day; they went over and helped brother-in-law Wayne with weeds one day; four dozen ears of corn frozen today; working on the siding with Norm, helping re-build my front deck (was taken down two years ago when the front was re-sided).  They are taming down the wild kittens in the barn.  Oh, yes .... soap made one day, too!

Craft wise, they have been embroidering, crocheting, tatting.  And listening to “Les Miserables” ... over and over and over again!  I’m glad they are “into” my kind of music but it gets a little tiring to hear it all day, every day.  I put my foot down and said we’d listen to some other music today - so it’s been other musicals that they know and like.

I have enjoyed having them here - they are so happy, bubbly and loving, as well as helpful.  Norm and I will miss them when they go.

However, I get to take them home and will stay until Joy’s birthday, so I will be around them a little bit more.

 Bitty is tatting

 On the roof with Grandpa, painting the siding

 Spook is a GREAT help!

 Crotchet work

 Bubba loves her crochet hook!

 Corn, corn everywhere!

It’s a beautiful day today, even though it’s hot and muggy again.  You have a beautiful day.


Amish Stories said...

Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

Magickafoot said...

aww , they are so grown up - when I first met you on homesteadblogger they were TINY!!

Lovely pics.