Friday, July 15, 2011

Things and such

I’ve been pretending to be busy for the past two weeks. Not that I have fooled anyone, but I’ve sort-of fooled myself into believing!

So, what has been going on in my life since I last wrote?

Well, let’s see. I’ve finished the weaving projects on “Cherry” and have washed and hemmed them all. I got the wedding present sent off (hope they like it). I’ve been weaving more on “Matilda” but ignoring “Harriet Dare,” which is not fair to her or to me but I have so many needs to finish on Matilda that Harriet Dare just has to wait. I’ve also started “dressing” Cherry for the next project -some log cabin place mats for someone who cannot be named here. (No, Glenda, they aren’t for you — have you been nice enough to me to “deserve” some?)

Our cat, Scooter, had kittens under / behind the entry way freezer. It took awhile to figure this out until one day she was waiting at the door and scooted quickly behind the freezer and I heard little kitty sounds! Scooter is the kitten that Norm picked out from his brother’s ranch when we first moved here. I had promised sister-in-law Mavis that I would get a kitten when we could have one here and Darrell kept trying to put one in the car every time I was there visiting (he still does that but I know if I brought another one home, I’d lose my happy home!).

My requirements for a kitten was a female and a calico (Mavis has such pretty kitties). Norm picked her out and named her and she went directly to the barn where she has grown to be a fantastic mouser and a great mother. Her one kitten we kept several years ago, Spunky, is also a great mouser although she will no longer be a great mother as she went to visit the Vet last summer.

Anywho, Scooter had the kittens in this weird place and we couldn’t get behind to see them. So we made sure that one door was always open so that she could get in and out easily. The kittens are about a month old, now, I’m guessing, and they are finally starting to come out to play. They are pretty skittish but we are working on taming them down. Candy was over last night and we sat outside and cuddled them and hopefully calmed them down a little bit. I think the milk / cat food mix I’m starting to give them will help with the taming down.

Unnamed male

 Muted calico, "Little Lady"

Besides kittens, we also have young pullets. We purchased some day-old ones a couple of months ago and they are growing well. We also have two banty babies that I THINK are pullets; Mrs. Banty hatched out three but I was afraid that she would lose them so I had Norm catch them. One didn’t make it but the other two are growing well.

Garden? What garden? We (Norm) planted cucumbers, lettuce and my pumpkins. We are going to go to a farmers’ market to get our tomatoes and peppers and potatoes and onions ... it’s just not working out here - Norm spends so much time and energy at the Farm that he’s too tired to garden when he’s home. I can’t kneel and I have to be aware of bees so I don’t garden, either! But I think the cukes are coming on well. The lettuce and pumpkins surely are.

Last Saturday was the first of three Saturdays for Walnut Grove’s Laura Ingalls Wilder days. A festival in the park and the open-air play in the evening. Norm and I demonstrate there but we have never had the energy to go to the play. It is normally too hot to do more than tear down and sizzle home. This Saturday is supposed to be terribly hot so we are planning pickles (for salt intake) and lots and lots of water. Plus, Norm will put a wet cloth under his hat and I will put one on my neck when it gets really bad.

And speaking of weather, starting tonight, we have a heat warning until Wednesday — high heat and high humidity will make the heat index in the 100º to 110º range all week! OOFTA! So grateful I am for air conditioning. I hope all of you that have these heats have air. I know a few friends who have broken down and bought window conditioners so that they can survive.

Yet we continue to have rain - almost an inch again yesterday morning (which is what makes the humidity so high). And storms almost every night. I have given up putting bird seed out because every time I do, the winds hit or the rains and the seed is scattered to kingdom come! The birds will have to survive without me this summer!

I have finally set up the Etsy account for the “Sisters” business. I have been promising to do so for over a year. The business that Candy and I have is small but fun. It is called “A Sisters’ Thing;” we sell yarns that Joy, mostly, spins, some of my weaving, some of Candy’s photo cards and a few other items. If you want to visit, it’s here.

Other than that, not much has been going on. I keep on weaving, reading, trying not to do housework and trying to stay away from the computer. And, lately, trying to stay cool with OUT the air conditioner - but we are going to have to break down and use it this next week. I do not like it running at night but there won’t be much choice - it will be too muggy to open windows at night for about a week, at least. (Sigh)

It’s a beautiful day, despite the humidity and threat of storms and threat of heat. You have a beautiful day, as well.


Jan said...

Sure you've been busy! I am hoping you can keep cool. Here in Maine the weather is delightful but a bit dry. Good for haying though. I'm going to check out your Etsy Place. Glad you got it going. Jan

re'New said...

Hi Connie! Hot over this way, too! Way too wet and it's gonna be brutally warm for at least the next 3 days. Of course, I have multitudes of projects that need to be done - outside - Not sure I'll get to them!