Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Ninety-one years ago today, my father was born in North Dakota. 

Brother Earl and two of Dad's sisters (sorry, can't remember who) with Dad

Dad lived is entire childhood in North Dakota, went to college in North Dakota and then joined the Army/Air Corps at the beginning of World War II.

I think this was his high school picture

Dad married Mom in 1942 and they have been together ever since.  He fought in WWII, flew on the Berlin Airlift, fought in the Korean War and then served in the States until he retired.

Dad went back to collage to finish his schooling that was postponed because of the war.  He worked in insurance, in the Red Cross, in the Boy Scouts, and as a Probation Officer before retiring.

Dad learned to drum when he was about eight and has been drumming ever since.  His last band dispersed just a few years ago because the others were getting "too old."

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!