Thursday, June 09, 2011

Wistful Wednesday

I was going through a pile of papers that I had stored to look at "some day" .. and that day happened to be today.  I found some pictures that I need to put in with all the other pictures but found this one:

This is of sister Cara  - the back side says "Japan - 6 or 7."  We went to Japan in 1953, when Cara was 5 so this evidently was a school picture.

I love her buck teeth ... they were such a cute part of her smile!  She had braces when she was older and had them fixed but they were SO cute when she was little.  She also has long hair and the traditional pony-tail with a ribbon.  The bangs as well as the back hair are curled - she had straight thick hair (unlike my fine hair) which stayed beautiful all her life.

Note the big collar!  I bet it didn't stay clean and fresh long ... she was a tom-boy like me and wasn't a "prissy" clean little girl!

What sparkly eyes ... bet she's thinking of some kind of mischief!  The original is an 8x10 studio photograph.

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