Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This past weekend was a family reunion in North Dakota for the Saueressigs.  It started as a cousin reunion for the farm kids but ended up to be bigger.  The cousins that planned it are the children of MY cousins and I heard about it and was then invited.  Then some of my West Coast cousins decided to come and so it was a “cousin reunion” on several different levels.

Mom and Dad came - Mom is now the matriarch as she is the oldest Saueressig remaining.  Cousin Jackie claimed matriarch status once she had bumped Mom off but *I* claimed it as being the oldest daughter of the youngest child of the family (Mom is not only the only remaining “original” Saueressig, she was the youngest child).

The first level was Mom, as a child of Robert and Caroline Saueressig (founder of the Saueressig farm).  By the way, “saueressig” is German and means “sour vinegar.”

Second level were the children of Mom’s siblings, those born on the farm and those born elsewhere but with heart-ties to the farm.  This weekend it included Jake and Tom, who still farm there, and Jim, who lives in Fargo and their sister Jean Marie.  The West Coast cousins are Karren, Jackie and Vici (pronounced “vicki”), sisters; Roberta from Alaska and me, from Minnesota.  Spouses and significant others joined us.

Third level was the children of the children!  These were children of Jake, Tom, Jim and Bob (who didn’t make it) - the farm boys. 

And the fourth level was the grandchildren of the second level.  Children galore were running and dancing and singing and having a scrumptious time.

Most met in Bismarck for a Friday night supper; we stayed there overnight, as did most of the third level.  Saturday was an open house at the farm.  There was also an open house for Jake and Marilyn’s new home; many friends from the area came to join us for food, music and dancing.

Saturday night Norm and I got a room at the motel in McClusky so that we didn’t have to travel all the way back to Bismarck.

Sunday was a quieter day - most of the third and fourth levels had headed home so there weren’t as many around.  It was full of visiting and laughter.  Roberta and Bud headed to Bismarck to fly back to Alaska in the morning; Norm and I headed home in the afternoon.  Karren and Vici and spouses were in a motor home and were heading to Canada on Monday.  Jackie will fly back to Portland on Wednesday or Thursday and the farm will go back to it’s “normal” activities.

I had not seen any of the West Coast cousins for about thirty years, although Karren and I have kept in touch for quite a while. 

Karren has always been my favorite cousin; I tagged along with her from the time I could walk.  Karren is four years older but has never acted like I was a bratty little kid to avoid.  We lived in Portland twice in our wanderings so I was able to be with her quite a bit as I was little.  She taught me how to roller skate and took me many places with her.

I don’t know if you can imagine the feelings but they were ( and still are) unbelievably awesomely exciting when Jackie told me that Karren would not come until she knew I was going to be there!  Thank you, Karren, for feeling the same way that I do about you!

So we caught up with each other’s lives, all of us.  I spent most of the weekend glued to Karren’s side but also spent a lot of time with the others.  Jim and I had great talks ... he has always been my favorite farm cousin - we did a lot together (much of Uncle Hookey’s gray hair came from us). 

I spent so much time talking that my throat was sore and I voluntarily asked for water to drink!

I am going to put the pictures on a slide show because there are so many.  I took over one hundred thirty pictures and have picked out the best for your pleasure.

It was a beautiful weekend.  It has rained off and on since we got home, giving us more than two inches of wet stuff in two days, but it is a beautiful day, none-the-less.  You have a beautiful day.

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We are just always happy when the family gets together.