Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"New" Friend

Because I am a fiber fanatic as well as a weaver, I have stashes of fiber in my studio but am always looking for new yarns.  My favorite yarn (at the moment) is cotton and the best place, in my little mind is Cotton CloudsI have been purchasing all my cottons for about fifteen years from them.

They just recently started a blog that is enjoyable and informative.  If you are interested in cotton yarns, you should pop over to either their website or their blog.  Not only weavers need cotton - a lot of knitters and crotcheters use cotton.

Cotton is a natural fiber and is wonderful to work with.  That and wool are about the only things I use ... I do not like the acrylic yarns much at all .. although there are SOME that are okay for knitting.  Someday I'm going to try bamboo - and there are new fibers out there - corn, sugar, etc.

I have just finished one project - need to take pictures, now - and am starting another one on Cherry.

Matilda still has a lot of warp on so I'm working on several little extraneous things so that I can get her cleaned up and started on another project that is planned.

Poor Harriet Dare still has a Christmas warp on her and is a little bit ignored.  But I need to finish that for THIS  Christmas because I have another project, this time with wool, that I need to get done before winter.

It is a beautiful day with sunshine, no WIND and no RAIN .. we have had two inches of rain this week, alone.  But it is promising to be dry for several days, now, so we will enjoy that.  You have a beautiful day.

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