Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, baby sister!

Today is Candy’s birthday - she says she is celebrating her 23rd year.  Well, I won’t argue with that but I KNOW it’s more!

Of course, I remember when she was born.  That was back in the ‘dark ages’ when children weren’t allowed into the hospital to see anyone (dirty children!) so we stood outside the hospital and Mom waved at us through her window ... once they allowed her out of bed.  That was also the time that mothers stayed in the hospital for extended days.

From the time she was born, she was my precious baby sister.  I think we all felt that way!  As she was the youngest, she often tagged along with us ‘big kids’ and we often let her.  We traveled a lot because Dad was in the Air Force and we had to be friends because many times we had no one else to play with.

I have watched my sister grow from a tiny baby to a delightful wise woman and I enjoy every minute I spend with her.



I am blessed with the fact that she lives so close so we can do things together.  

I am blessed by having Candy as a dear sister.

I love you, Candy!

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