Monday, June 13, 2011

A family weekend

Last weekend (the 2nd through the 6th, actually) was filled with family. 

On Thursday, the 2nd, Norm and I went to Sioux Falls for doctors’ appointments.  We then met Mom and Dad for supper at the American Legion.  Dad was flying to Washington DC on an Honors Flight – taking World War II heroes to DC to see the WWII monument and other special sights there.  Mom drove over here from Sioux Falls on Friday morning and spent the day and night with me.

On Saturday morning, we went to Stitches where Candy, Cookie and Binni met us.  Norm and I went to a wedding in the afternoon, so Mom went home with Candy.

Saturday night, Joy and girls came down to spend a few days - on Sunday they went to church with Norm then went over to Candy’s to see Mom and Dad.  Candy had gone to Sioux Falls and picked Dad up, as he had gotten back from DC on Saturday night. 

The time here was spent doing crafts, as well as other things.  Bitty did some weaving but spent most of the time tatting (she loves that craft); Bubba wove on Harriet Dare for awhile then moved over to Matilda while I worked on Cherry.  Joy spent time helping Norm around the place and did her knitting - socks for Christmas, I believe, is her “WIP” (Work in Progress).

Monday evening we went over to Candy’s for cake and ice cream and visiting - Candy’s birthday that day, you know!  The girls enjoyed the short time they had with Binni before heading she and Cookie back home - Cookie had to work the next day so couldn’t stay longer.

Tuesday morning we all met at the local café for breakfast before Mom and Dad headed back to Rapid City and Joy and girls headed to the Cities.

A busy time, a fun time ... not all the family was here but it was enough to make it a good time.

The weather has been goofy, to say the least!  Last week, the 7th and 8th, we had record highs - 103º on Wednesday.  Then we had cold, rainy, overcast, windy weather - enough to be tempted to turn the heat on - or at least put socks on!  This morning started out rainy and windy so I hung my clothes up inside on the laundry rack - but now it’s nice enough to have them outside (but I ain’t a gonna move them out ... they can dry inside, thank you very much!).

But it’s been a beautiful day - you have a beautiful day.

 Weaving is such fun!

 Tatting is fun, too!

 Bitty, Binni and Bubba

 Wayne is showing off his antique wheelchair


 What to eat?

Four generations

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Far Side of Fifty said...

What a good family gathering! Tat..I would love to learn how to do that..I bought a book and tried to teach myself luck. So I really admire anyone that can tat..oh and your weaving is a wonderful art too:)