Tuesday, June 07, 2011

D Day

Yesterday was the 67th anniversary of D Day ... the day that the Allies stormed the beaches of France to fight the Germans.

I was negligent about mentioning this yesterday but was busy with granddaughters and sisters and parents.

But I thought of it all day and hope that others remembered, as well.

A male friend said, the other day "I don't think I could have gotten out of the ship and onto the beach.  I would have been a total coward!"

No, Mark, I don't think you would have ... I have discussed this with my mother and Norm and we have agreed.  Your buddies were your brothers and your closest friends.  You would not have stayed behind to let them die without you there to try to protect them.  Plus, it was almost mass hysteria when everyone poured onto the beaches ... everyone was "revved" up to go and the body would have taken over and left the brain behind.  There were no cowards on the beaches and no-one stayed behind!

The men and women  who sacrificed their lives for our freedom should never, NEVER be forgotten.  Thank you all!

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