Sunday, June 26, 2011

Change of plans

I WAS going to post some pictures of the North Dakota flooding as we saw it.  I WAS going to post pictures of my uncle's barn that is being transferred into a hunting lodge.  I WAS going to finish my weaving and get it hemmed and get the wedding present sent.

However, Mom must have decided that she wanted to see me again.  Thursday night Dad took her into the emergency room because her heart was acting up.  She spent the night and the morning having discussions with doctors who felt that medication would smooth out her erratic heartbeat and she was cleared to go home at noon.  She called Candy and I while we were shopping in Mankato and said she'd be home soon.  Less than an hour later, Dad called and said that Mom's heart had stopped beating and there were a whole lot of people in her room.  

Two hours later, we finally gave up waiting and called the nurses' station and got the news ... Mom's heart stopped for seven seconds (the nurse said it was the longest time that she had ever experienced!) and although Mom was "fine," they were discussing options.

Candy and I talked and decided that I would leave in the morning for the eight hour trip over here.  Candy had already planned on coming over for a doctor's appointment and the folks' sixty-ninth wedding anniversary and would be here next Saturday.  So I said I'd stay most of the week and we'd see what was going to happen.

I actually talked to Mom and she said they were going to put a pacemaker in her heart on Saturday morning (yesterday), so I headed over here as quickly as I could so that I'd be here when she woke up from the operation.

Dad called and said the surgery was on hold - there was some kind of emergency in the operating room.  Then called later and said the surgery had been postponed until either today or tomorrow (Monday).  So I headed straight to the hospital and spent time with Mom.

Actually, considering the condition she's in, she's in pretty good shape.  I have spent most of yesterday afternoon and today over there with her.  The surgery will be at seven, so Dad and I need to go over very early - and I WILL be there to wish her luck when she goes into the operating room!

Having a pacemaker put in is considered a piece of cake --- a two inch incision, a small box with a battery and wires connected to the heart.  The surgeon said that if all went well, as he expected, she should be able to come home on Tuesday!  

Then I will go home on Thursday and pick up on my plans that were interrupted.  So, just to pay Mom back for my change of plans, here is a picture I took at the hospital today.  She won't like it, but that's too bad, Mom!!!

She doesn't look like she needs surgery, does she?

Good luck, Mom!  Safe surgery!  I love you and I'm glad I'm here!

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Connie, I am saying a prayer for your Mom, I hope she gets all fixed up! :)