Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to Plan A

Okay, I’m here at Rapid City, watching thermometer climb to about 102º.  I’m not used to this heat, but then, neither are the resident Rapidians; it’s been so very cool and rainy both here and at home that just sunshine has been difficult to get used to.

Mom had a great night last night and is doing very well today.  She is stronger, able to get around without feeling so wobbly (being in bed for 5 days makes one wobbly, wouldn’t you say?) and she is able to do a few chores around the house.  She is one armed ... her left arm is velcroed to her side so that she doesn’t lift it over her shoulder.  She need to be this way for two weeks so that she doesn’t accidentally pull the wires out of her heart by raising her arm too far.  After two weeks, we are told, the wires will be “welded” into her heart and there will be no problems.  Until then, she won’t be able to drive, either.

I did some research about pace makers.  There has been artificial stimulation of hearts since the mid 1700s.  The first “real” pacemaker was implanted in 1956.  Interesting!

So, back to the plan.  I am going to talk about the flooding of North Dakota.  My cousin Jimmy says that Fargo and Moorehead, MN, were fine - they have been prepared since before the spring flooding and there is little to worry about there.

However, the North middle and western areas are in trouble.  We saw many “lakes” in the fields as we went across I-90.  The Interstate was covered with water in some places, as well!  The gravel road to the family farm had water over the road until Friday when the road department raised the low spot higher.

When we headed home, we saw more water, more flooding.  Several roads were closed but we were fortunate that Highway 200 east from McClusky had “repaired” the roads that had been flooded so that we didn’t need to detour.

I will not mention Minot, as we were not there and there is more detail about their suffering on the national news.  Bismarck was building dikes and ditches to keep the water out of there.  We had planned on a picnic on Friday night for the first night of the reunion and the girls couldn’t find a park that wasn’t under water.

Yes, we have had some flooding and a lot of fields under water but we haven’t had the troubles that North Dakota has had.

Sooooo, now I’m in Rapid, like I said.  I will be heading home tomorrow and Candy will be coming here on Saturday to be with Mom for some time and to help the folks celebrate their 69th anniversary on the Fourth.  I understand that I will be driving in hot weather and I thank the good gods that I have air conditioning.

It is a beautiful day even if it is hot.  There are small clouds, a lot of sunshine and a brisk breeze.  You have a beautiful day.


Laura said...

Happy to hear that your mom is doing so well! Good luck on your drive and hope you can find some relief from that heat. We've been lucky in that respect for the past couple of weeks. Of course, I shouldn't tempt fate (by mentioning it), should I?

Kathleen Taylor said...

The flooding is amazing, isn't it?