Monday, May 02, 2011

Weaving Weekend XII

This weekend was our annual trip to Aberdeen, SD for the fiber weekend.  This, as the title shows, is the twelfth one and Candy and my third one.  Aberdeen is about four hours or more from us, so having the weekend extended to two nights made it much nicer for us.

Since we have been going for three years, now, it’s “old home week” when we see our friends.  A lot of people seem to think that you can only be friends if you communicate or see each other often.  But fiber friends CAN be friends even if you only see them once a year. 

Even though the weekend is called a “weaving weekend” it has morphed into mostly spinning but there are many knitters and many crocheters, as well.  Everyone had a project or two (or three) to work on.  There were also new people for me to meet and enjoy.

I took my loom, Cherry, along.  I am now almost finished with my project and have another ready to start as soon as I finish this one.  I also took a knitting class from Kathleen Taylor  which was pretty enjoyable.

Candy took her wheel, Belle, and was spinning some green that Kelly had dyed and blended for her last year.  She also brought four (I think) fleeces to be dyed and blended this year.  However, she found, and fell in love with, some fleece that was already dyed and blended that Kelly had brought along.  I gave Candy flak for purchasing some more when she complains she has too much.   But as she spun it, I could see why - plus she figured out a reason for it, which I approve (but can’t talk about right now).

We were at a camp on Lake Richmond near Aberdeen.  They have dorms for the students who come which we slept in and then used the large main building for gathering and eating (and eating and eating and EATING).

Friday night was a potluck; Saturday morning was an egg bake; noon was leftover potluck; Saturday night was a bring-in meal; Sunday morning we had fruit and cinimon rolls that Ann made on Saturday night.  No lunch on Sunday - we packed up all food and took home anything that was left.

My “neighbor” on my left side was Annikki - a woman from Finland who is very skilled.  We visited quite a bit about looms.  She fell in love with Cherry and wanted me to take pictures for her to show her son (I think) to make one like it for her. 

I also met a fellow weaver, Julie.  She does recycled weaving - the only thing new is the rug warp she uses.  

Then there is Kelly and Marie - daughter and mother who “run” the group.  Marie has a store in Groton and Kelly works there - Kelly also has a wool processing business at her home.  They both raise sheep, spin, knit, weave, etc.  Marie fell in love with Cherry and has asked Norm to build her a loom just like her.

When I got home, I made arrangement to watch the news at ten to see if the world was still standing, only to find that it’s pretty much turned upside down right now because of the news that President Obama gave us. Norm and I went to bed with joyful hearts. I don’t like to “celebrate” someone’s death but knowing that one less monster is living in our world makes me pretty happy.

This morning I was watching my birds and planning on going out to re-fill the bird feeders that had blown empty or even blown off their stands; lo! and behold! There was a Brown Thrasher on the suet feeder. And another one came while I was watching! What a gift!

It’s a beautiful day, today, despite the wind and cold. You have a beautiful day.


Jan said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I hope they let you sleep on the bottom bunk!

re'New said...

It was nice meeting you at the weaving weekend! I wish I'd had more time to spend and that I was feeling a little more perky... Maybe next year??? :)

Kathleen Taylor said...

The weekend was such fun! I'm so glad we got to hang out. I hope to see you in Watertown in September!