Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Serendipitous Weekend!

This last weekend was spent in Iowa, of all places! Jill and Eric have a friend who had rented a cabin on a lake near Forest Lake, Iowa, but couldn’t keep the “appointment,” so we were gifted with the opportunity to spend the weekend there.

The cabin is about three hours away (if you consider stopping for lunch and things) and was a very pleasant drive.  We drove in rain for awhile but as the day went on the sun started shining and by the time we got to the cabin it was about 75ยบ out and just slightly breezy.

The cabin is a small one-room one with a nice large handicap accessible bathroom, ramps up to and into the cabin.  There is a bunk bed that sleeps two on each level and a futon couch that opens into a double bed.  I forgot to take pictures of inside, sorry!  There is no phone, no TV and no Internet service.  Very quiet, indeed.

There is only the one cabin and only a few campsites, which are across the lake from the cabin.  There were a few boats on the lake - but only electric motors are allowed.  There were also a few parties of land fishermen.  

But, for the most part, we were alone.  I took my computer for some writing, a DVD for watching a movie (“Lady Jane”), my Kindle for reading and some knitting.  Norm took his fishing gear and his Kindle.  I read too much and knit not much at all.  Did get some writing done but not as much as I should have done.

Peanut enjoyed wandering around (under supervision, of course) in the tall-ish grass and sniffing the good smells.

We grilled steaks one night and hamburgers and brats the other.  We also ate out on the picnic table on the deck and enjoyed being outside.  

We left here Saturday morning and got home Monday evening.  A short amount of time gone, but because it was a distance away and totally away from any kind of work, it seemed longer.  Norm did N*O*T*H*I*N*G but fish, read and cook the meats on the grill.  It was good to see him so inactive for once.

We had a lot of birds around - the staff has bird feeders near the kitchen window.  We had swallows that swooped so close to the window that I thought they were coming in.  They had a nest above the window!  We saw Goldfinches, Rosy-breasted Grosbeaks, Warblers, sparrows, crows and grackles.  I heard a turkey - we had ducks and geese that flew around overhead.  We saw two swans but they were too far away to take pictures of.

The staff had arranged to have the combination lock set to our password so we went directly to the cabin and didn’t see them until we checked out.  I didn’t see or talk to anyone but Norm.  However, Mr. Social Butterfly talked to several groups of fisher-persons.  All-in-all, a wonderful weekend.  Thank you to Jill and Eric, thank you to their friend, Ann, and thank you to the staff of Thorpe Park for having such a wonderful spot to rest and relax in!

When we got home, we found sunshine and trees blooming.  All four apple trees and my lovely Flowering Almond were in bloom.

It’s a beautiful day today - you have a beautiful day!

Can you see Norm under the arched branch?

It was chilly in the morning so Norm needed to bundle up some
 From the other side of the lake

 Coming home to our blooming apple trees

And my Flowering Almond


Laura said...

It's so nice to have a little getaway like that once in a while! Sounded very peaceful.

ladyfi said...

What a lovely cabin... and fabulous pics.