Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meet Annie and Louie

Annie, on the left, Louie on the right

A lot of my FaceBook friends offered names; I got ideas, also, from Joy, Bitty and Bubba.
Some went from the sublime (Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth) to the ridiculous ( Marzy Doe and RamaLama), but all were accepted in honor.
The "disinterested party" who voted was Norm.  He lifted his lip at some, shook his head at others and chose "Anna and Lewis," but changed them slightly.

The honor goes to Bubba, who offered these names; they are a couple that got married just a little while ago.
Thank all of you who offered names.  Keep thinking --- hopefully Soot will have one or two lambs in the very near future.

They are still in the barn.  Every time it THINKS about sun, it rains again; the weather is soggy, cold and windy today.  Therefore, Soot is locked outside, as it's not raining and Lulu and babies are locked inside.

But it's a beautiful day, none-the-less and I wish you a beautiful Spring Day and a blessed Easter tomorrow.


Jan said...

Oh the lambs are cute. Nice names as well.

Laura said...

They are just so sweet!

Far Side of Fifty said...

They are so cute! Happy Easter! :)