Friday, April 15, 2011

He didn’t think I could do it!

Norm didn’t want me to go to Rapid City by myself, but I said that if I was not pushed for time and could take it easy along the way, I COULD do it.  I ended up traveling 1,000 miles in a week.  It was tiring, but I DID it!

I told you about my week with the lambs.  We are having a hiatus with them, right now — hopefully none need my assistance in the near future.  All went back and Norm says that “Tiny” is doing very well ... bouncing around and enjoying life with a hay-covered floor, not a linoleum one.

And my week with the folks was very busy.  I stopped on Wednesday night at the ranch to stay with Mavis and Darrell (Norm’s brother) then headed into town on Thursday.  I saw friend Nancy on Thursday night - that visit lasted 4 hours. 

Friday is a blur as to what I did or who I saw. 

Saturday I went with Mom and Dad to listen to Peter Vodenka, who wrote a wonderful book - “Road to Freedom.”   He is a Czech who escaped through the Iron Curtain in 1983 with his wife and 2 children.  I strongly recommend that you visit his site and learn more about this courageous man and his family.  They know what freedom is all about!

Then met friend Sally for a short coffee that lasted 3 hours (Mom called to see if I had gotten lost). 

Sunday I went to sister-in-law Eileen’s to meet Peterson family for a nice visit and meal.  Sunday night Mom and I went to see cousin Kathy.

Monday (whew) was restful.  We went shopping to get Norm and Wayne their traditional boxes of cookies, went swimming in the pool that afternoon and had supper (Dad fixed it).

Got up early on Tuesday, packed and headed home.  I planned on going through the Badlands but not the route I actually took.  There are several loops through that end up in Wall.  I was going to take the straight-through that ended up somewhere between Wall and Kadoka, but took a loop instead, adding an extra half hour onto the trip.  But it was worth it — I hadn’t seen this loop for many a year and really enjoyed the scenery.  I arrived home in time for supper, which I supplied ... I stopped in Worthington and got KFC for Norm and I.

So, now I’m home and catching up.  Laundry on Wednesday, not Monday.  It was too wet and windy out to put the clothes out, so I used my faithful laundry rack.  Hopefully by next Monday it will be decent enough to put clothes outside.

It was a great trip!  Fortunately for my sensitive mind, the Farm didn’t have any more stressed lambs to rescue.  I was worried that some would be born while I wasn’t here to foster.  However, the ewes decided to cooperate and the remaining pregnant ones waited until I got home.  I think we have a little bit more time before these last ones start “popping” out lambs - hopefully strong and healthy with good mommas.

I promised some pictures of the ones I fostered, so here they are.

 Velvet and Tiny - Tiny is almost a week older!

It was 75º on Tuesday and I used the air conditioner to keep cool.  Yesterday I went to town to a “home-made” Antiques Roadshow which had our local antique dealer telling us what our antiques might be worth.  It was 42º at the hottest, with a very strong wind and a lot of rain!

It’s windy and cool this morning but a beautiful day, none-the-less.  We have a pair of Wood Ducks swimming in our “lake.”  You have a beautiful day!

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Laura said...

Wow! You've had quite an adventure. I've never taken a road trip like that by myself before.
The lambs are so cute!