Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I tell you, children, this winter / spring in Minnesota is enough to make grown men (and women) weep!

I have talked about the excess amount of snow and cold and wind and snow and cold and wind, haven’t I?  And that’s just in the winter.

Spring was coming and things looked like it was on the up-swing.  The snow was melting, the temperatures were staying above zero (well, for the most part!).

But I tell you, again!  This first week of Spring is something else!  My favorite weather-forecaster on TV last night cried “Uncle!”  She stood in the back yard (the TV station has a “backyard” that the forecaster go to so that we can see what the weather is like there) with a warm hat, mittens and boots; she was talking while sleet was hitting her hat and body and telling us that the flooding waw getting worse in many places and starting to get bad in others.  Since Sunday (technically the first day of Spring), we have had: thunder and lightning, rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind and just all kinds of nasty weather, all over the state.

We woke up this morning with snow - up north it’s supposed to get up to a foot of new snow.  Our sump pump has been going for a month and it’s “sped up” to going every ten minutes; when it is not running, I can hear the water seeping (rushing) from the furnace room floor into the sump pump well and then the pump starts up again and pumps the water out to the back yard, where we HOPE it is flowing away from the house!

We also woke up this morning to no running water (well, in the pipes, that is).  Norm has been suffering from a bad cold and cough for over a week but had to bundle up and go out to check out the problem.  Well ....... the problem was in the well house - water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink!  The sump pump in the well house had died and because there was a drift of enormous proportions over the roof / door of the house, Norm had not gone down to check.  And with the melting, the snow melt had filled the entire area.  Norm is worried that the electrical equipment, normally well out of seeping water, is damaged.  So he put in a replacement sump pump which is pumping the well house sort of dry.  And we have a man coming this afternoon, hopefully, to repair or replace things.

Fortunately for us, we have drinking water - there was about a gallon of frozen water in the freezers that we take with us to keep coolers cold and use for drinking on trips.  We also have the water running into the well down in the basement so Norm brought some up for the toilet (a necessary evil that is not normally mentioned, but still .......).  And he will bring some good clean water from the Farm when he comes home this afternoon when the well-man comes.  And I don’t have to do dishes today!!!!  A good thing, right?  Except I have a big pot that I cooked a chicken over night and need to wash — maybe I’ll bring up some well water from the basement to at least rinse the pot with soapy water!

It’s been a heck of a winter / spring and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to get much better, soon.  So, along with my TV forecaster, I will say!  “Uncle!  Uncle!”  And hope that you have a beautiful day and don’t have to say “Uncle!”

 At least I got to see the "super moon" this weekend!

PS of 4:00, we have WATER!  Well-man came and fixed the problem.  Thanks be to the good God!


Jan said...

Oh my. Oh my. I AM glad you got your water back. We, too, had some lovely spring days but...snowed yesterday and a bit today.
Things are looking good, though, for the weekend.

Laura said...

Am enjoying your blog!
Glad you have water now! You could have called us. Lol! That's what our business is!