Friday, March 25, 2011

Three birthdays today

Yes, I know I’m running a little late but today has been busy, and then to top it all off, Norm called and said to get the heating pads and boxes ready - he was bringing home twin lambs that momma rejected.  I’ll show pictures of that, later.

But back to birthdays ....Nana was born on this day in 1883, in Norway.  At a young age ... 8 or 9 or 10 (we’re not exactly sure when), she came to America with a foster mother and adapted to this country.  Nana traveled on nearly every mode of transportation there was: potato wagon, ship, train, covered wagon, horse-back, buggy, car, plane, jet, motorcycle, boat.  Not a space ship, though, although she did watch the landing on the moon!  Nana was of the generation who went from the beginning of automobiles to space travel!  She died at the age of 101; she was moved to a nursing home just a few months before she died.  Until then she lived in a senior citizen’s home for the last 11 years of her life.

A piece of table cloth that Nana brought from Norway back in the 1890s

Nana's 80th birthday

Norm’s niece, Glenda, was born on Nana’s birthday, but I won’t say what year.  Until she reaches her 80s or 90s, she might not be willing to say how old she is!  Norm’s brother and wife live (still) on a ranch in western South Dakota about an hour from the closest hospital and Glenda was their first child.  Knowing Mavis was due in March, the (then) snowiest month of the year, many friends and relatives wanted her to move into town that month for safety sake.  Mavis wasn’t worried - she told everyone that Darrell had delivered calves all his life so if they got stuck, he could deliver their child!  (Horrified everyone who took her seriously!)  She was born back in the days when only the husband and parents could visit the mother and child.  But I snuck up and had planned on saying I was a sister (close enough) to see Glenda in the nursery and found Mavis and Darrell walking in the hall; we were able to visit briefly before I went out, undiscovered!

Glenda and brother Wade

  Brook and Nana on Nana's 95th birthday

 Brook, Joy and Jill

My niece was also born on Nana’s birthday, in between Joy and Jill; they have been a trio ever since we came back from Australia.  Sister Candy had decided that the baby WOULD be a girl and WOULD be born on Nana’s birthday.  She was named after Nana - Cotelena Brook - Cotelena is an off-shoot of Caroline which was Nana’s name, although most people called her Lena.

Nana had 9 surviving children and many, many grand children and many great-grand children.  She always said that she couldn’t afford to have favorites, but Brook was definitely her favorite!  And no-one blamed her.  After all, having someone born on your birthday makes that someone pretty special!

So, happy birthday to three special people.  I love all of you!


cheryl said...

I love this post Connie . You come from a remarkable family . I always look forward to hearing about your life .

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a wonderful look back on special people in your life..and smile. I have a daughter that was born on her Great Grandmas birthday because Great Grandma said it would be so the day she found out I was pregnant..uncanny how that happens:)

Leslie Shelor said...

Lovely to see such special people and thanks for sharing the memories!

Nezzy said...

Thank you for your lovely comment sweetie!

What a beautiful tribute to the birthday's in your life!

I had my daughter, Social Butterfly, the day before my Sis's birthday. She wanted to know why the blue blazes I couldn't hold it 'till her birthday. I was only in labor three hours! Heeehehe!!!

God bless ya and have a wonderful day! :o)