Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy Birthday, Norm!

Today is Norm's 67th birthday!  MY, he's old, isn't he?  He's a lot older than he would be if he was born a few hours earlier.

You, see, he COULD have been a leap-year baby.  Legend has it that his mother held on as long as she could so that she could make it past midnight on February 29th.  But she made it, he made it and he was born just a little while past midnight on March 1st!

I remember a boy in high school that was a leap-year baby and we had a lot of fun on his birthday.  Who knows?  If Norm HAD been a leap-year baby, I might have met him in high school.  We graduated together but didn't meet until I was in college and he was out of the Army.  The class was too big to know everyone.  (We had e the biggest class and were the reason they built a new high school and split the school.)

I grabbed a couple of pictures from Norm's sister, Eileen (thanks, E!) to share with you.

 This one was taken when he was about 6

 This is when he was about 8, with his younger brother, Roger, and his Dad. 
Norm says he remembers that white horse fondly!

Norm might have been close to 15 here!

And here is the birthday boy, holding my Kindle
(His will be here tomorrow!)


Jan said...

Happy Birthday, Norm...you are younger than me but not by much!(9 months)

Frances said...

Happy Birthday Norm...hope you are enjoying your Kindle!

Fran from Scotland

Nezzy said...

Happy, happy birthday Norm. I sure hope ya enjoy that Kindle as much as my sweet DIlove does.

God bless and have an amazin' day filled with fun, celebration and cake baby...piled high with rich luscious icin'! :o)

Giveaway...my place!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday Norm..read on! :)

troutbirder said...

Indeed happy birthday. Lets us know if you like that Kindle things. I can't quite get my head around it yet.... :)