Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wistful Wednesday

This is my grandfather and grandmother Saueressig; Robert and Caroline.  We called her Nana, others called her "Lena."  My grandfather died when my mom was a young teenager, so I never met him.  

Nana went on and raised the remainder of the family of nine children by herself.  Back then there was no Social Security - if you lost your husband, you had to work to support yourself and any children that were dependent on you.  Nana cleaned houses and cared for children.

It was tough in those days.  However, you can see that Grandfather and Nana loved each other.  I'm not sure when this picture was taken. Perhaps Mom or Dad knows?

Post Script - I finally found a picture of my other grandparents ... Grandpa and Grandma Childs ... their wedding picture.  These are Adela and Henry Childs, married in 1906.  I never met my grandmother as she died when Dad was in his teens.  My Grandpa Childs was as an important part of my growing up as Nana was.

When I was a child, sometimes Nana and Grandpa would visit at the same time; they were friends but I thought the two of them should marry!!!

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Far Side of Fifty said...

You can just see the love that radiates in that first photo..hope you are safe from the coming storm:)