Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wistful Wednesday

Hey, I remembered that today was Wednesday before it was Thursday!

This picture was taken at Jill's High School graduation in Chaska in 1992.  You can't see it, but Jill is wearing a knee brace.  She had collapsed with a knee problem on Practice Day for the Super Bowl in the Metro Dome and spent the actual Super Bowl watching the half-time show rather than participating in it.  At that time she played flute in the Minnesota Youth Symphonies and they had been invited to play in the half-time show. Soon after that, she had knee surgery and spent the rest of her senior year in a cast and on crutches.  

However, when she walked across the stage to get her diploma, she went without crutches, a major step for her!

Here, also, is a picture of Jill with her piccolo and her "uniform" for the Youth Symphony concerts.

The wind has dropped and the sun is shining on this bright cold Groundhog's Day.  It's a beautiful day despite the bitter cold wind chills.  You have a beautiful day.

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Maria Barker said...

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I know he'd love to here from you, if you know him.