Monday, February 07, 2011

Which is colder looking?

My new header (above) or this one?

To get this picture, I had to open the back door and let snow in ... the angle of the sun was such that it was the only way I could get it.

The header one was colder for me .. I had to go out in my snowboots and jammies to get it.  I didn't want the garage to be in it, but the snow was too deep to go any further away from the house.

We went from +18º and a wind chill of +18º yesterday morning to a -6º and a wind chill of -30º this morning.  Norm had to cancel his dental appointment because we can't get out of our lane!  The snowplow hasn't come by yet, so even if we could get out of the lane, we couldn't get down the road.

But it is sunny (even though very windy) and brilliantly beautiful out.  You have a beautiful day.


Candy Duell said...

I think that your header looks colder. Beautiful, but cold!

Jan said...

I had a similar looking sky yesterday with a long sundog like yours. Yup it certainly looks cold!
Welcome to winter 2011!j

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sundogs usually look cold to me..but I saw on about a month ago on an above zero day..we are back to the deep freeze too..oh Spring..where are you?:)