Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wet Cement

We have had about a week of warm, beautiful weather.  It got almost to 50º one day!  Sunshine, melting snow, few breezes, muddy roads and melting snow.  (Did I mention melting snow?)

All week, however, the weather people have been talking about the big snow storm that was coming.  They were sure enough about it so that Candy did not come home from Marshall for the weekend because she was worried that she couldn’t get back.

Each day the weather pattern shifted: wet rains; icy rains; wet snow; icy snow.  Where would it hit?  Who would suffer from this?  How much?  How little?  Last night the cute little weatherman on our favorite channel said that it would be like spitting wet cement on a wall - it would be wet and heavy and the winds would make it go sideways.

Well, yes, we have “wet cement” this morning.  It started snowing about 6:30 this morning and we had about half an inch by 7:30.  Peanut woke me up twice; I thought I heard the snowplow go by but Norm said it was thunder, which is why Peanut woke me up.  Thunder terrifies her.

The snow is coming down sideways and sticking to everything.  We have a little Goldfinch hanging onto the feeder for dear life as it sways in the “breeze.”  They are “promising” somewhere between 2" and 6" for today and who knows how much tomorrow. 

We went into town yesterday - first time in two weeks - specifically to shop.  Norm needed more gas for the snow blower and the tractor, I wanted more flour (I get certified organic enriched from the local Co-Op).  When we got to the grocery store, it was packed.  They had to open 3 more lanes to get everyone through in a timely manner.  Guess we weren’t the only ones who felt they needed things before the storm hit.

I got more yogurt for Peanut - I give her yogurt with her daily baby aspirin (she’s almost 9 and getting a little stiff in the joints) so she gets the plain yogurt and we were nearly out.  Norm was worried he’d run out of peanut butter so we had to get more of that!

So, it’s about 9:00 in the morning and we’ve already gotten over an inch of snow - it’s hard to tell because the wind is blowing it as it lands.

It’s a beautiful snowy day today (as long as we don’t have to go out).  You have a beautiful day.


Jan said...

Peanut butter? No wonder I like you. I have a husband like that as well!

Frances said...

What a long Winter it's been for you, Connie. Hope you begin to see signs of Spring soon.