Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday!

Not “Presidents’ Day,” not two days before Valentine’s Day, not “just” the twelfth of February.   Because they have lumped all the presidents into one day (for more sales to be had), most people forget what has traditionally been celebrated.

Lincoln and Washington were the two presidents that had their birthdays celebrated because of their importance in history: Washington, as first president and Lincoln as the one who pulled the country through the War Between the States (as the Civil War was known).

But now, we have “Presidents’ Day,” lumping everyone together, good, bad, indifferent.  And can you name all the presidents that we are honoring on this day?  (I can’t but my granddaughter, Bitty, can!) 

I don’t mean to go on the bandwagon tonight, but I am going to briefly mention that history is “dead” to most of the modern generations.  History is not being taught and so few know of any important events that have happened in our past.  How many know about World War I, World War II, the Berlin Airlift, the Korean War?  And these are just a few of the events that have been forgotten.

Anyway, off the bandwagon ... happy birthday, Abe!  You would have been two hundred and two years old if you were able to live that long!

And the rest of you ... if you need to know more about him, look him up on the Biography website or just Google Abraham Lincoln.  A great man, a great president.


We had temperatures in the low forties today (PLUS forty!!) and sunshine and little wind.  A bloomin’ heat wave!  You have a beautiful day!

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