Sunday, February 06, 2011

Of Course!

When something is planned, it seems like it never happens.  Yesterday was supposed to be a nasty day so I canceled “Stitches in Time.”  Candy would be stuck in Marshall, Betty had a daughter coming home from Egypt, Brenda wanted to sit by the fire and Lois didn’t want to drive in the “promised” ice storm.

Yesterday was the second of the two nicest days we’ve had all year (well, all 35 of them).  Friday was sunny and hit 33º.  Yesterday was over-cast but got up to a steamy 40º!  And no wind!  I was even able to go to town on Friday for a dental appointment (I WAS praying for nasty weather that day) and shopping.

I kept looking out the window and thinking “We coulda!” So my plan was to have my own little “Stitches” event at home for me and myself alone.  However, that plan went by the way-side.  

The “simple” plan of baking 2 loaves of bread transposed itself into a hurried 3rd loaf.  The first one was a new way of baking and the crust burned (my oven’s thermostat doesn’t work quite right) so I had to make that 3rd unburned loaf.  The first Sunday of the month at Church is potluck Sunday and I bake bread for the potluck; Norm wants 2 loaves because they really go fast and the women fight over the left-overs.  (Makes my little ol’ heart go pitty-pat at that.)

Okay, thanks to my trusty breadmaker, I can start a loaf and leave it for a while.  But other wrenches were thrown into the works!

Niece Cookie does our taxes but the situation is complicated this year and she asked if I would work on them myself.  Me?  Math paranoid, dyslexic me?  Okay, I got H&R Block’s on-line program up and started.

First of all, I couldn’t remember my user name OR password.  So the program asked for Social Security number, birth date and some of last year’s information.  I had to dig that out, no problem, but it wouldn’t accept Norm’s information ... changed to mine ... wouldn’t accept it because Norm is the primary on this!  Struggled and struggled and finally realized that I was typing one wrong number in his SS#!!!!!  GAAAAAAAAA!!

Okay, got on ... texted Cookie several times, got as much as I could figure out and went to see how I was doing.  I had 5 (count them, FIVE) errors I needed to repair!!!  After 2 Cherry Cokes and 2 runs of Carmen (opera for those non-opera lovers) - my concentrating music, I gave up.  I emailed and pleaded with Cookie to help.  And she says she will try to help in a few weeks, after college finals.  Whew!

By then the 2nd loaf of bread was done and the 3rd was working in the breadmaker and I was too exhausted to even think about weaving.  Norm brought in a stool that he had cut down for me to use on Harriet Dare and I just took it up and tested it for height and promise Harriet Dare I’d see her today.

So, Norm is ready for church, the 2 loaves are wrapped and in their baskets, labeled, with a stick of butter to go with them.  I ended up with a yogurt / caraway rye and a buttermilk / dill-weed white.

The warm weather is starting to fade away.  We will end up back in the freezer by tonight and the first half of the week will be in the single digits, both minus and plus!  Brrr!  We got a fresh 3" of snow last night and the trees are covered, again.  It will be a beautiful day today ... you have a beautiful day.

 The wind does marvelous things to snow!

PS .. My reward for not killing Norm or myself?  I ordered my Kindle!  It will be here on Wednesday!!!  Candy and Cookie got theirs last week.

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