Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's been twelve years

And yet it feels like yesterday!  My sister Cara died on this date in 1999.  We got the call on Charles' birthday that she was in the hospital and we "flew" out there to be with her when she died.  She had heart failure and never regained consciousness after she collapsed.

Cara was the middle child - Charles, as the only boy was kind of exempt from the classic ranking of children - oldest (me), middle (Cara), baby (Candy).  They say the middle child is typically ignored, but Cara let us hear her loud and clear.  
I am holding Candy and Cara is to the right of the fireplace.

She was very talented in music - a beautiful voice, great piano skills, played the guitar and would have made it big in the music field if she had pushed to perform in public.
Cara also took ballet lessons, which kept her graceful in all her actions.
She and Candy were close - just three years apart - and spent a lot of their lives together.  But I felt very close to her, as well.  Once Cara was an adult, I actually looked to her as an adviser when I ran into problems in my life.
Friends for life - Candy and Cara
When she passed, she was still teaching me; I learned to be with someone who was dying - I've always avoided death; I learned what true heartache was like (and I don't like it).  But I learned how to go on and survive heartache and pain.  I learned how to live without a dearly beloved sister.

Like I said, it's been twelve years, but I still miss her.  We all still miss her - she was taken away from us way too soon.

I love you, Cara!

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Candy T said...

The day I took that picture of Cara was one of my favorites. I miss her too.