Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The day after

We made it through this storm (and are holding our breaths for the next one)!  It is hard to tell how much snow we have because we have very few places that the snow doesn’t blow and make drifts.  But Norm figures somewhere between 10" and 14" of that white stuff.  

We had over 36 hours of snowing - either hard stuff coming down fast (and sometimes sleet) and slow, flaky stuff coming down slowly.

But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  As I have said before, Mother Earth usually gives us some beautiful days after the storms and this was no exception.  We woke up to +2º, no wind and sunshine (yes, SUNSHINE!).

Because of the cold and no wind, we had frost - and it’s beautiful (if’n you don’t have to be out in it).  So I snapped some pictures to share with you.

Norm is amazed at the depth of some of the new drifts and the hardness of them.  Some of them are like trying to shovel or blow cement.

The weather people in the Cities are saying that this is the 10th snowiest winter and we have “only” 25" left to make it to the snowiest.  This last storm was February’s snowiest.  We have at least a month left of possible snow, if not more.  Sigh .....

So, now we have sun and warm-ish weather for awhile - but they are saying snow “showers” for the weekend - and who knows what that will turn out to be.  

I am watching the shadows fall on the bright snow, am weaving and reading my new Kindle (yup, I got one - yup, I love it!) and starting some hamburger buns for supper.  I finished our taxes, thanks to H&R Block on-line and niece Cookie’s assistance.  Peanut is sleeping in the sun and Norm’s resting after blowing snow this morning.

So all’s right in my beautiful world; you have a beautiful day.

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