Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ah! The Beauty of It

Say what you will, snow IS beautiful!  Yes! There is too much. Yes! We are tired of it.  But it’s still beautiful!

As of right now (9:30 am on Saturday), we have a fresh inch of snow but NO WIND (“Yet,” she says as she holds her breath, knowing the wind WILL come!).  And it is beautiful.  Almost Christmas Card perfect.

As others have said on their blogs, I know you are tired of snow pictures - but I just had to get these this morning.  I love my birds and it is nice to see that despite the cold (-3º) that they are taking advantage of the feeders.  I have Goldfinches (Norm calls them “Olivefinches” in the winter) and Woodpeckers, Nuthatches and Blue Jays — don’t know why others haven’t come - and I’m surprised that the Sparrows and Juncos have disappeared for most of the winter.  Norm goes out with feed on nasty days - I go out when I can hopefully walk to the feeders - to keep them coming.

So, I have some bird pictures to share and also the snow pictures to share.  I have been told that SOMEDAY the Spring will come and we will once again see green grass and be warm.  But until then, it IS beautiful.  You have a beautiful day.

Downy Woodpecker on the suet feeder
I love my Goldfinches

Snow coming down

And it KEEPS on coming down!


Jan said...

It has STOPPED snowing here but we got about a foot with lots of blowing and drifting. Husband made me a path to the doe pens and the barn so I didn't have to fight the drifts. It's beautiful but I will enjoy spring!

Laura said...

I love my birds too! Yes, I am tired of snow and sooo ready for spring but, you're right, it is beautiful!

Mary said...

Pretty snow pictures. The birds are lucky to have you.