Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wistful Wednesday

Sometimes I follow the blogging gals who post old pictures on Wednesday.  Today is one of these days, as I found a picture that was taken in the early 80s.

This is my sister, Cara, and my brother, Charles.  Sitting and watching the clowns are my youngest, Jill, and Charles' son, Charles Joseph (CJ).  As you can see, a storm is threatening in the background. 

This was taken on the back porch at my folks' house when Charles, wife Robbie and CJ came to visit; they lived in the Cities, we lived in Rapid City, SD.

It's a cloudy, snow(ing) day again... but a beautiful temperature that is in the mid-twenties.  You have a beautiful day.

Postscript!  My brother-in-law, Wayne, was supposed to come for supper but made it half way and turned around .... the snow has made the warm roads turn to ice and his road was drifting shut when he left.  Oh, well ... back to the drawing board!

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Candy T said...

Wow, what a nice picture of Cara and Charles. I miss them both so much. Think they're clowning around up there?