Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is it cold enough, yet?

Full moon on -16º night

Living as we do in Minnesota, we are used to the fact that winter is cold ... January is traditionally the coldest month of the year.  But we have been spoiled by mild winters for quite a while.  These past two years, however, we have had a lot of snow and a lot of cold, especially down here in the south-west corner.  Now, the Cities have had more snow this year - an all-time record snowfall (and it’s not over yet).

I have been watching the weather in the north-east, where our friends are suffering from the excess snow and cold as well.  And there is also the south, where people are suffering from this cold.

Yes, it’s not as COLD as here, but it certainly is very cold for them.  And if you do figures (which I don’t do), you might find that they are colder, in relative terms, than we are.

 Whiteout conditions

But that doesn’t make us any less cold!  I think you might have heard that Embarrass, MN had a record low ... 5th in the books ... of  -47º.  That’s MINUS 47 degrees!  And, yes, Embarrass is a real town in the northern part of Minnesota, not too far from International Falls.  Embarrass is a  “township” because there are so few people (under 700 in 2000).

Some parts of Minnesota that are not so far north got cold, too, this week.  We had -16º one day and it was -15º this morning.  Others got down to about -21º.  That’s way too cold!

“They” say it’s supposed to warm up this week.  I certainly hope so!  We had bright sun this morning, then this afternoon (during the Packer / Cub game) it turned overcast, the wind picked up and it got even colder.  We have a high humidity (85%) on top of wind and cold, so the house feels cold even though the temperature on the wall says 67º.  

So, it’s cold, baby, it’s cold.  But this, too, shall pass and it will be Spring someday.  Until then, it was a beautiful day .. You have a beautiful day.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Plenty cold..what an cold is snowing here now so perhaps the worst is has to be warm to snow! We got to -33 one night and then -16 then -22..I hate it when it gets that cold. I do remember the year that we didn't get above zero for over 30 it could be worse:(