Monday, January 31, 2011

A great weekend

Joy, Ken and the girls finally made it down here for our "Christmas" party.  And a fun time was had by all.

Friday night we had BBQs with homemade sauce, home-baked buns and home-cut french fries.  Then sat around and opened the Christmas presents we had for each other (I had threatened that our gifts would go moldy if they didn't get down here soon!).

Saturday morning it was snowing (surprise, surprise!) so the girls bundled up and went out to play with the kicksled while the guys worked on the snowblower so that it would run, again (something had frozen inside it).

Saturday night the girls helped me make pizza.  Now, Ken has always loved my pizza, as I've mentioned before, and he was very excited about them being made - and was the first one to grab a piece while fresh from the oven.  In fact, Ken told me that the first time that he came to our house while dating Joy, I was making pizza.  Ken wouldn't agree that my pizza helped him decide to marry Joy but he did admit that it didn't hurt!

Cribbage games that night while Joy and I knit and talked.

Sunday the snow had stopped but Norm decided to not go to church. He and Ken played in the snow, digging out the driveway so that Ken's car could get out in the afternoon and digging out the intersection between the lane and the road as well.

We had leftovers for lunch, then more card games.  My family is addicted to games!

The family headed home about 4:30, hoping (and succeeding) in getting home before the promised snow hit any of us.  It was too quiet when they were gone!  Norm and I finished up some leftovers and watched TV to "veg out" before going to bed.

The snow did hit, about 8:00 and now (noon, Monday) we have over 6" of fresh snow and a little bit of wind which is causing a small amount of drifting. But this wind is supposed to gradually pick up to about 30 MPH which will make horrendous drifting, again.  If the 1" that we had on Saturday made a drift impossible for a car to go through on Sunday, imagine what 6" + inches and that strong wind will do!

But in the meantime, it's a beautiful snowfall and the snow is coming down, not sideways, the sun is trying to peak out and the temperature is a mild 19º.  You have a beautiful day.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Stay warm..I am sure you are well prepared to stay stormed in for a couple of is a fine snow the kind that likes to make drifts hard as isn't the fluffy light stuff this time least not here. \
Great you finally got to have Christmas..and the kick sled looks like great fun! :)