Saturday, December 11, 2010

Window Art

Yes, we DID get that blizzard that they “promised” ... and was it a doozy!

“They” - the weathermen and women - said that it would hit after midnight, but we only had about half an inch of snow and little blowing by six in the morning.  But by eight, it was blowing and snowing and we had no visibility, no internet service (I have satellite), lousy radio and questionable TV (also satellite) receptions.  The only good reception is the weather radio which keeps saying, in it’s computer-generated voice “winds up to sixty miles an hour, snow up to twelve inches, temperature dropping to zero by nightfall, chill factors into the minus thirties.”  Bo-o-o-oring! So I am listening to my MP3 player and have “Huckleberry Finn” ready to listen to when I go back up to the looms.

Norm is outside playing in the snow.  He’s forging out to the barn to make sure everyone has water and feed; he’s broomed snow off satellite dishes and knocked icicles off the roof; he is also going out to his shop to play around with wood, doing something.

I talked to Candy (at least I have phone reception) and Wayne was bundling up to go out to HIS shop to do something important, as well. 

These men cannot, will not, stay inside no matter how bad the weather is; they are too anxious to go out and fight the elements.  Candy and I are content to stay inside and do house-wifely things or crafts.

I have some baked beans to go into the oven.  For the FIRST TIME in my adult life, I have gotten dried beans cooked and SOFT.  I have never be able to get them soft before.  I followed Candy’s directions exactly and it worked (thanks, Candy).  So I have a ham shank cooked and now will put everything together for Auntie Pete’s recipe of baked beans for supper tonight.

Norm has ten spoons done for a neighbor - he ordered them for Christmas presents for his family and friends.  Shawn will collect them next week.

A former employee of the Farm came by yesterday with a quarter of beef - she and her husband raise organic, grass-fed beef, although they grain the beefs at the end to help give a more tender cut.  They were delivering to customers all day yesterday.  The plan HAD been to continue deliveries today but they said they got in contact with today’s customers and managed to fit them in yesterday. 

A few days ago, Norm drove the Farm’s tractor home to do some welding on the snowblower, so it’s all ready to use when the snow stops.  He needs to not only dig us out of the drifts but get over to the Farm and dig THEM out, too. 

Thanks to his ‘new’ Jeep, he will be able to get there easier than last year.  He purchased that from our friend Jody (thanks, Jo-Jo); it had belonged to her mother and we got it in October.

I have most of my weaving gifts done for Christmas.  Just a few more inches on one, then they all go down to the sewing machine for stitching - you need to sew up the ends so they don’t unravel - then washing, hemming, pressing and wrapping.  Whew!  I WILL have them done on time this year!

I love winter storms, if I don’t have to be out in them.  I like to sit nice and warm and watch the snow blow.  I feel sorry for others who have to be out in it, but enjoy the weather, myself. 

I have some pretty window art to show you — the way the snow lays on the windows is one of the prettiest things about the storms.

As soon as I get Internet service, I will post this, but it might be after the storm is over.  But it’s a beautiful day today and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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