Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Wild Christmas in the Peterson Household

This Christmas season, we are alone in our house with three dogs but no human family.

Since our children couldn’t come down and we couldn’t go up, we will have Christmas with them at another time - hopefully before Valentine’s Day!

Candy and Wayne went to be with our folks this Christmas so we are caring for their two dogs, Ren and Obie.  Ren is an Australian Cattledog cross and Obie (Oberon) is a Papillon.  Ren is a mature, well-trained lady; Obie is a teenager, still learning manners but full of love, none-the-less.
Added to our only child, Peanut, they make quite a grouping.

Last night at present opening, they did very well, except for Obie wanting to eat the discarded wrapping paper.  

This afternoon, the weather outside is frightful.  It’s +9º with a windchill of only -9º.  But because the snow is re-drifting from a different direction than yesterday, Norm is not going out to plow until tomorrow.  So he’s inside, working on spoons and doing some measuring - my Christmas present from him is to have the opening between the living room and studio finally trimmed.  

When the previous owners remodeled, they knocked a hole in the wall, put a frame around it and left it just like that.  No trim, no “prettiness” – just an ugly gaposis between the frame and the wall so that you can see into the original innards of the wall.  Norm has been promising to fix it since we bought the place in 2004, but NOW is the time!  I am so excited about it .... since it’s right when you walk from the kitchen to the living room, it catches your eye and it a blot on the horizon!

I’m baking a Cornish Game Hen for our Christmas dinner and the wild kids are parked all over the house.  Ren is on her bed, Obie is on the recliner and Peanut is in her bed, close to the heater.  It’s really a hot time in the old town tonight!

It’s a beautiful, snowy, quiet Christmas Day - you have a beautiful day!

 Sleepy Ren

 Bone chewing Obie

 Comfort, warmth searching Peanut


Far Side of Fifty said...

Merry Christmas Connie! That Obie is pretty good of you to be the critter watcher! Sounds like a relaxing day at your house! It was a bummer that the skies were cloudy for the eclipse and for the Meteor Showers too..I missed them both too:(

fran from Scotland said...

Awww the dogs look so contented! Season's blessings lovely Connie, and all the best for 2011! Hope all your dreams come true!


Candy T said...

They do look contented. Maybe they were not so glad to come home. Looks like they were living the life of luxury at your place. Thanks for taking such good care of them.