Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I have done my duty

Voting day is a fun day for us ... we go have breakfast at the Shady Drive Inn, then go vote.

It's fantastic to walk in and have our township "judge" say - "Hi, Connie ... here's where you sign!"

We had more people at the time than normal ... I was voter number 61!  I did not take a picture but if you can imagine 6 tables about 8 feet in length and a wooden booth.  I had a choice of using the booth or sitting at a table.  There were 1 or 2 people at nearly every table, making their marks on the ballot.  Then I walked to the machine that sucks in your ballot and talked to the gal in charge of the machine while I got my pretty red sticker.

What a difference than most of you have or will experience!  I have been to city voting places and have experienced long lines, bringing out my driver's license to identify myself, standing in long lines to go behind a booth to vote, either by machine or with a pen or pencil.  I will take small town voting any day!

Have YOU voted yet?  ARE you going to vote?  Do your duty to God and Country!

It's a beautiful fall day - you have a beautiful day.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Ours is pretty much the same..even the Hi Connie sign here! We have three booths with red white and blue fabric "doors" ..I sat at a table..I was 156 # at about 2PM. Everyone should vote or quittheirmoaningand groaning:)