Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank you, Mom!

Candy and I went to Mitchell, SD, to meet our mom for a few days of being together for fun and frolic.  It started out that Joy and the girls and I were going to go to Rapid City to spend some time with Mom and Dad but that didn’t work out.  So then I was going to drive there by myself.  

While talking to Mom, we decided to meet half way and have Candy join us.  So Mom paid for the motel and we paid for the meals.  We got the better deal!!

There were plans for all of us to visit several different places.  

Candy wanted to go to Cabela’s for some supplies; she went early the first morning while Mom and I ate breakfast.   

Mom wanted to go to the cheese factory; we called and found out that her desired yellow cheese curds were not available so we went to a specialty shop and we all bought cheese as well as spices and some baking items.

I wanted to go to the doll museum that has been advertized for years.  Every time we passed Mitchell, going to or from Rapid City, I asked Norm to let us stop so that I could see the museum (I collect dolls in a minor way - Norm won’t let me get all the ones I want).  He always had an excuse to not stop.  This spring as we were coming back from Charles’ funeral, I wanted to take the grandgirls there but no one could find the time to allow us to go.  So THIS TIME I WAS GOING TO GO!

However the clouds covered the skies and the gods wept!  When we called to ask for times, no one answered.  We asked a clerk in a store and found that the museum had been closed for a year and a half!!!!

We were going to go swimming - the pool was not warm enough for our cold / old bones, any of us.  We were going to sit in the hot tub - the heater was broken!  We did end up, all three of us (one at a time, of course) soaking in the bathtub with as hot a water as we could stand!
Mom did get something done she wanted to do: one of her good Eastern Star friends lives in the area and she joined us for supper the first night (or is it “dinner”??).  We ended up sitting for over three hours visiting with Chris!

Plus, the fact that we did not do much meant we spent more time just sitting and visiting.  Candy and I had knitting and Mom just talked with empty hands.

It was a great time - better weather than promised - we had temps in the mid seventies every day!  Spending time with Mom was fantastic.

I’d like to say a little bit about Mom.  She has been driving since she was about twenty-five fifteen (sorry, Mom) and she still does a pretty good job.  She is ninety years old and has quite a bit of energy, is very alert and - even though she complains about memory loss - pretty good at that, as well.

It was a beautiful time with two beautiful women; you have a beautiful day!


Jan said...

And a good time was had by all...

cheryl said...

What a wonderful post Connie . You are so blessed to have your mother with you . Mine has been gone far too may years . I always enjoy your blog so much . Thank you for sharing your life with all of us .

Linda said...

You look like a spring chicken Connie, and I can tell it is you by the koala t-shirt.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What fun for you all! Girl time! :)