Monday, October 04, 2010

My baby is coming home!

As all of my devoted fans know, my youngest girl, Jill, lives in Seattle, WA, with her husband Eric and my grand-puppy, Remy.  I got a phone call last week from Jill, telling me that she and Eric (and Remy) are moving back to the Cities in November!

Because they have lived so far away, I normally don't see them more than once a year.  But NOW they will be only three and a half hours away!!!!  

Am I excited?  Is the river still high and flooding still happening around here?  Silly questions!

On another note, we just got home from the Big Island Rendezvous; I will be posting about it in a few days.  I need to unpack perishable items and take a shower and nap.  

It's a beautiful day (more beautiful with my great news); you have a beautiful day.


Frances said...

Great news!!!!!!!

Jan said...

Oh Connie, GREAT news!

cheryl said...

Connie that is wonderful news , I am so happy for you ! As always I love reading your blog .

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great News! I am sure you will enjoy the visits! :)