Monday, September 06, 2010

Two Hundred Thirty-Four Thousand!!!

Two years ago today I was thanking the good gods that I had survived the State Fair once again. The Minnesota State Fair ends on Labor Day. It’s a grueling (although fun) 12 days (12 hours a day) demonstrating and “living” in the past for thousands of people who walked by the cabin.

Last year I retired and did not work at the Fair but my family decided to “DO” the Fair on the first day, when it would be less crowded. “Less crowded,” to me is a matter of importance. Living in the country, “crowded” means 100 people at a wedding reception (as this Saturday when we attended a local neighbor girl’s event). On the day that we attended, last year, the daily attendance was 114,439! Way, way too many people for me at that time and it was tough being around that many people, that much noise.

But on Saturday, the Fair (The Great Minnesota Get-Together) had an all-time high record daily attendance of 234,000 (two hundred thirty-four thousand)! THOUSAND, mind you! The mind boggles at that amount! Last year’s total attendance was 1,790,497 (that's over a million people, folks, in 12 days) and they expect it to be higher this year!

Now, I know that a lot of you live where there are thousands of people all of the time, but even you might admit that 234,000 (two hundred thirty-four thousand!) people in one area is pretty crowded. The Fairgrounds is 320 acres which is only one-half (1/2) square miles! That means that I can walk to my neighbor's house, then go south a half mile, walk back the half mile, directly across from my house and walk home. That’s not a lot of land!!! That’s not a lot of room! That’s a lot of PEOPLE! Whew! I’m glad I wasn’t there.

Yes, the State Fair is fun. Yes, the State Fair is entertaining. Yes, the State Fair is a great place to meet friends and spend time. But, YES!!! The State Fair is crowded and getting more so ... and I am not sure if I want to go there again. After all, 100 people this weekend was hard enough to deal with!

Today is a nice fall-ish type of day - a little bit of spitting rain, a little bit of overcast skies, a little bit of sun and not too hot and not very windy. A perfect day, in fact. Norm has taken LuLu's twin lambs back to the Farm (they were on loan) so it’s also a noisy day as LuLu is fretting for the lambs and Soot is backing her up. A beautiful day, in fact. You have a beautiful day.

Post note:  Labor Day's attendance this year was 120,226 - less than they expected.  Labor Day is usually the biggest!  But it was STILL a lot of people!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Our daughter and family were part of that group last Saturday..we stayed away..too many people. It has been about 15 years since we have been there:)

Jan said...

Ah, yes, way too many people. Our town boasts 53 residents, just enough! Throngs, no way!