Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spirit of the West

This is a fun time in Sioux Falls, SD where like-minded people go to have a taste of the Old West. We went, last week, to join our dear friends, Patience and Harley. Between the two of them, they have over thirty characters! Patience says it’s a legal way to be a multi-personality! I did not take my camera (shame on me) but I did borrow Harley’s and took as many pictures as his camera allowed (not as many as I can take) and he then sent them to me.

The Spirit of the West has Dutch Oven cook-offs for all ages and all categories; it has a Chuck Wagon competition to see who has the best Chuck Wagon display. It has an arena that has horse competitions (didn’t make it there), pistol target competitions and also “scenarios.”

These scenarios are done by several different groups come from South Dakota and Minnesota. I don’t think any others were there. There was a group from Deadwood who have the Shooting of Wild Bill Hickok and the Trial of Jack McCall. There was a group from around Brookings that did some fun robberies (and murders).

The Old West Society is a group that we know pretty well. They used to go out to Murphy’s Landing and “play” with us. Patience and Harley are a part of that group The OWS does a much requested scenario based on the song “Seven Angels.” Harley portrays “Jesus” (pronounced “Heysoos”) and Patience is “Margarita.” Of all the scenarios, this one is my favorite. Patience told me that they were doing it “just for you” even though I knew that it had been requested by the organizers of the event.

There also are the Regulators - a small, beginning group that Patience and Harley are starting with friend Cody. The Regulators had a few fun ones, as well.

The Deadwood gang requested that Harley play Wild Bill (he does an excellent one) and asked that Patience be Calamity Jane (she is S*C*A*R*Y!!!! She looks so much like the pictures of Calamity!) During the trial, the judge would call up “witnesses” from the audience. Norm was selected to play “Harry.”

One of the many reasons that I love Patience and Harley is the way they greet Norm and I when we see them. We got to the event Sunday noon-ish and walked over to where Patience was sitting with some friends. She jumped up, said “THERE you are!” and gave me a great big hug. She also made sure that we went with her to where the scenarios were so that we could catch all of them. Harley, too, always gives me a great big hug! And what’s not to love about people who are glad to see you?

I have made a slide show about the event. 

Norm and I are nearly packed for Big Island in Albert Lea this next week. We are going to the cities to celebrate Bubba’s 12th birthday (gasp!) and then head down to Albert Lea. The normal route we take is under water so we will take a different route to the cities. The route to Albert Lea, I-35, did have a stretch under water, but it is open now, I understand.
We had over 7 inches of rain in 24 hours this last week; the whole southern part of the state suffered from like amounts of rain and there has been flooding everywhere. Our closest big town had a street closed through town and a basement collapsed in town. We are high enough and far enough from rivers and streams that we don’t have much flooding but our sump pump has been running nonstop since Wednesday night.

However, it is a beautiful day today and the week ahead promises to be warm and sunny all week long. You have a beautiful day.

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TNKY Crochet Nut said...

Sump pumps are nice to have. The first weekend in May we had a huge amount of rain and our basement flooded. When we finally got almost all of the water pumped out by a plumbing company our sump pump was found to be pumping away. We just had so much water that the pump could not keep up with it. It's good that your is working. It's no fun to have a flooded basement.