Wednesday, September 01, 2010

For Nezzy

Nezzy, a reader, wanted to see a picture of the 4 of us as adults.  This picture just might be the last one of all four of us together.  It was taken about eighteen years ago at our folks'50th anniversary.  At that time, the folks owned some land in the Black Hills and had a lovely cabin that had been built in the 1880s. 

 Candy is on the left (from our view), then Charles, me and Cara.
We are in front of the side of the cabin, waiting for a new deck.

Now all that are left are Candy and I.  When someone says "two are gone," it doesn't sound like much except in our case, two makes half of the gang.  We grew up very close because we traveled so much; Dad was in the Air Force and it was rare to live anywhere more than a year.  Therefore we played together a lot because we didn't have many friends.

But, here we are - grown up and still close.

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Jody said...

This is a very nice picture, Connie. I was not able to tell which one was you. I am glad that you posted it.