Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guess who is ?????

On August 31, 19??, this lovely child was born.  Joy Natalie Peterson!

 This picture was taken when she was about three weeks old.

We named her Joy (Joy of the first born).  She is the oldest grand daughter in my family so she was very welcome.  My dad wanted a grand SON but soon was reconciled to having a delightfully beautiful grand DAUGHTER.

So delighted, in fact, that he loved the Christmas present we gave him that year - this picture of Joy.

I had three goals in my childhood: become a veterinarian, get married and have children.  The first goal went by the wayside as I found I needed math and science to continue in the Vet field.  The other two goals, however, were met with marrying Norm and having Joy - and Jill, two years later.

Raising children is a rocky road, as many of you know.  But when they turn out to become successful, beautiful, delightful adults, all the blood, sweat and tears of their childhood are worth it.

So, happy birthday, Joy.  As I often tell the grand-girls, YOU are my favorite daughter (who is the oldest).  Your dad and I love you very much.  Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday to your Joy! That is also my middle name, I hope I was a joy to someone! :)