Friday, August 06, 2010

Being Dive-Bombed

It's August - the spray pilots are out, spraying the crops.  Norm says they are spraying soy beans to kill the aphids (what were those obnoxious Oriental Beetles for, then?) and it happens every year at this time.

So Peanut and I are sitting in the house, listening to the noisy *&&&*^^^ flying over. They don't spray US, but the crops near us are too near for my well-being and I don't want to be out in case something goes wrong and the spray goes over us.  Peanut doesn't like the noise - she is getting worse for noise, so she's curled up in her bed in her crate, trying to pretend that noise isn't out there.

We have a lovely farmer who farms organically.  Fortunately for the crops, they are situated a long ways away from here.  Unfortunately for us, it's his DAD who farms here and HE is the one who insists on spraying every year.  His fields are right to the north of the road and we get the fly-over for over an hour (sigh).

Speaking of Peanut, tomorrow is her last day of total confinement.  She will be able to walk more, starting on Sunday.  Her steroids get cut down to only one a day on Sunday, as well.  She cannot do stairs but will really enjoy walking.  She is still wobbly when she starts to walk on the grass and when she heads back to the house. You can see the expression on her face when I make her stop so that I can pick her up.  "Not again, Mom!  I want to WALK to the house!!!  Jeeeesh!"

It's a midling mild day today - I've just taken some Dilly-Rye bread out of the oven and have some French rising.  There is a potluck picnic on Sunday and Norm wants me to make two kinds of bread.  I also just started some of my "Aunt Mary pickles" which has the girls dancing in their kitchen right now.  They love them as much as I do.

So, it's a beautiful day - I am listening to "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" by Richard Rogers;  you have a beautiful day.

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Candy Duell said...

Your breads sounds delicious! I love potluck picnic's. people always bring their best things.

Tell me about the pickles that the girls are dancing about, I have never heard of them.