Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two very special days

I'm a little late (sorry, kids) but yesterday was Jill and Eric's twelfth anniversary.

They were married on a very hot day in Aberdeen, SD.  Jill and Eric met at the Storybook park there and decided that was where they would be married.

Jill's all-time favorite movie is "Princess Bride;" therefore she planned her wedding around that theme, as she had promised me and herself years before!  She had silver for her bridesmaids' dresses, she had a a princess style dress and they were married inside the park's castle, which had a real live moat!

On top of all of that, one of Eric's groomsmen sang the song from the movie - the best one (in my mind),  "Storybook Love."

One thing Jill did NOT insist on was that the groomsmen wear tights!  Of course there would have been a rebellion if they had, but I still think it would have been impressive!

The second special day is today, which is Eric's birthday.  It's easy to remember because it is only one day away from their anniversary.  And it makes it easy to remember which day comes first when I remember that Jill and Eric have the same birth DATE ... the eleventh (Jill's is November Eleventh)!

So, happy anniversary and happy birthday to two of my very, very favorite people.  I hope you are having a great time celebrating (only not TOO much) and think of me once in awhile.  I wish I could be there with you.

I love you both!

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