Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Camera

My faithful Canon PowerShot A570 IS gave up the ghost a few weeks ago and I looked around, trying to decide what to replace it with. I finally decided to get another PowerShot - they really ARE good cameras for their money. So I got a PowerShot A110 IS. It has 12.1 mega pixels (why always the .? number?) and I’m very happy with it.

I went out to play with it and realized that all my many millions of fans don’t really know what my place looks like. So I took pictures out on the road - North, South, East and West, to give you an idea of where I live.

Facing East from the driveway

Facing North - our neighbor's cornfield

Facing West from the driveway

And South - you can see Peanut in the grass and Spook, the cat, on the road.  

The house is to the left, behind the trees and bushes.  Not far enough from the road, in my mind, but at least it's not RIGHT on the road.

I am also playing with close-ups of flowers and took one of Jill and Eric’s bush roses (the wind didn’t pulverize this one) - these roses are so pretty!

On a fiber note, I have missed a few days of the Tour de Fleece but I’m chucking on. I have four bobbins filled with fat blue yarn and hope to get it all done quickly. This is for a lap rug (blanket) that I hope to make for MYSELF. Or for Norm, whichever. The color was dyed by friend Kelly and she named it “Norm’s Civil War Blue” so I probably will have to let Norm have it, right?  I will take pictures of the yarn another day.

It’s a beautiful day - getting hot but not sticky like yesterday so it’s tolerable. You have a beautiful day.


Candy T said...

Nice rose photo.

I am almost done with a bobbin of lacey lace yarn of Raspberry Patch. I hope to spin some more today.

Gail said...

Camera and photographer are doing a great job. The rose is stunning.

Pamela said...

it does take nice photos. One of these days I'm going to learn all the nuances of my cameras. I find that as I grow older I don't retain the stuff I learn. It's pretty discouraging.

Just popping over from Far Side. I decided to visit her favorite blogs.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Connie, That is almost the same camera that I have and I really like mine..but mine is only 9 megapixels. So yours is much better!! Thanks for the view from your place..typical Minnesota farming area:)